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counterpane quilts!

Dot da ba da zoop. Ba da deet ba doo.

That’s the sound of L.A.-based quilter Pauline Boyd at work. Well, not really.

But suffice to say Boyd is to quilting what John Coltrane was to jazz (i.e., one helluva an improviser).

The self-taught seamstress refers to her rule-breaking approach as “freehand.” Eschewing measurements and patterns, she sutures pieces from her textiles stash (vintage clothing shreds, Cambodian silk textiles, African wax prints) together as the mood strikes.

The results are dazzling, collage-like constructions that bear little resemblance to Granny’s heirloom bedspread. Available in standard mattress sizes, throws, baby blankets, and wall hangings, the quilts come lined in unbleached cotton and are machine washable.

Boyd also performs a “warm hand” service, wherein she can repurpose your favorite baby blanket/old T-shirt/table linen into throw pillows or wall art.

Hey, if wanting to turn Mr. Blanky into hanging tapestry is cool, then call us Miles Davis.

Baby blankets are available starting Saturday, at Yogala Echo Park, 1840 Echo Park Avenue, between Paul Terrace and Armitage Street, Echo Park (646-489-3422 or yogalaechopark.com); online at counterpanehandmade.com, $300-$1,000.

Photo: Courtesy of Counterpane Quilts

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