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"Immaculate Infatuation's Guide to Killing It This Summer"

A digital guide to IRL fun


NYC food bloggers and huge DailyCandy fans Andrew Steinthal and Chris Stang just released an e-book entitled Immaculate Infatuation’s Guide to Killing It This Summer.

War and Peace it’s not, but the free volume is handy for indecisive warm weather dining/drinking moments. To mark the occasion, we asked a few deep questions, and they gave us a few thoughtful answers.

Favorite new(ish) spot?

Steinthal: “We recently spent some time at La Birreria above Eataly, and it was excellent. I foresee drinking many beers and eating many sausages up there this summer.”

Stang: “Gran Electrica, the new Mexican restaurant from the folks behind Colonie. The food is awesome, and they have a great back garden that sits directly under the Brooklyn Bridge.”

Summer go-to beer?

Steinthal: “Blue Point blueberry ale. I’m a heterosexual male and proud to drink a blueberry beer. If you’ve never tried this before and appreciate a beer with a fruity flavor, get on it.”

Stang: “Captain Lawrence Liquid Gold. I, too, am a heterosexual male, and I cannot understand why anyone would drink blueberry beer.”

Same question but with liquor.

Steinthal: “Spicy margaritas. Extra salt and a little bit of pepper.”

Stang: “Gran Electrica’s Batanga. Tequila, Mexican Coke, lime juice, and hot sauce. Good luck with tomorrow morning.”

Think back. How did you “kill it” in the summer as a kid?

Steinthal: “Sleepaway camp. Bra and underwear bunk raids. Exhibit A: this photo.”

Stang: “Slip ’n Slides and Squeezits.”

There you have it. Now get to downloading.

Available for iPad at itunes.apple.com. For the PDF version, go to immaculateinfatuation.com.

Photo: Elodie Gluge / Getty Images