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Elixirs of Pain Hot Sauces

Hey there, hot stuff

elixirs of pain!

A wise person once taught us that sometimes you just gotta let it burn.

Though Usher doesn’t mean your mouth, you can apply the tongue-in-cheek advice to Elixirs of Pain.

Photographer-turned-chef and capsaicin enthusiast Youngmahn Moon developed the small-batch hot sauces to satisfy his own picky taste buds. Once friends began begging for bottles of their own, he made his potions public.

Each is habanero based and comes in an apothecary bottle labeled with a particular kind of pain. Anguish cuts sweet with notes of raspberry, while Distress stings with hints of smoke and whiskey. Bane is simple and versatile yet powerful, but beware Torment and Sorrow — they linger long after the first bite.

To guarantee a taste of the limited stock, you must order online by 9:48 tonight. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait several weeks for Moon to finalize retail plans.

Which will surely be agonizing.

Available at kickstarter.com.

Photo: Youngmahn Moon / Courtesy of Elixirs of Pain