Flight 001

It’s just got to make everyone happy when one of the cooler shops in New York City launches a site.

And no plain site, mind you…a site that makes you want to throw on a Marc Jacobs halter dress, grab a suitcase and head straight to Newark.

Well launch this: Flight 001, the cyber-locale of a West Village boutique with a meticulously-edited selection of travel-related accessories. Selections include silver Rinowa suitcases (the Lufthansa special), a bright blue plastic digital camera, Point It, travel Scrabble and the coolest leopard and tiger print bucky we’ve seen. (That’s a glorified buckwheat filled neck-rest for those not versed in such airplane amenities). All for you to peruse as they scroll across the screen as if on a baggage claim conveyor belt while a retro-sounding song plays in the background.

Consider it revenge on the space-hoarder jamming his elbows into your in-flight meal while you wait for the Valium to kick in. Now only if they’d invent some high-pitched collar to get those screaming infants to quiet down.