Rabbitneck + Dotty Leather Bags and Accessories

Our new honey bunny

rabbitneck + dotty!

A few months back we fell for a strapping, handsome looker. As per usual, the object of our affection was unavailable and shacked up in Brooklyn with a girl named Laura.

The wait is over: Rabbitneck + Dotty, a new collection of bags and accessories by advertising art director/designer Laura Tiffin, is finally on the market.

We’ve got it bad for the black lambskin satchel with mahogany handle, lamp finial zipper pulls, and gold-plated chain and leather strap. You may prefer to keep things light with a multiseasonal white frame bag (the removable strap makes it clutch for nighttime activities).

Each piece — including a two-tone tote and sporty ivory and black belt — is designed in NYC using buttery Italian and German leathers and repurposed industrial hardware. Word to the wise: These catches won’t remain unspoken for very long.

Since there’s nothing like a good sack.

Available at condemnedtobefree.com, $220-$1,050. To see styles, go to rabbitneckanddotty.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Rabbitneck + Dotty