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Pets in Peace

ByeByePet boxes for the dearly departed

byebyepet boxes!

All dogs eventually go to heaven, but where do their chew toys, leashes, and sweaters go?

Into ByeByePet boxes, of course.

The cardboard containers are designed as either a final resting place for a pet or a place to enshrine Fluffy’s things. For your little Jack Hanna, we suggest a memorial for his furry (or feathered) friend.

Choose the right size box — large (dog, cat, bunny) or small (hamster, bird, fish) — to decoupage with photographs or cover in drawings. Then your child can put in toys, bowls, and pictures — whatever reminds him of his beloved companion — and bury it in the backyard or keep it in his room.

When you’re done, share pictures of your creation and a final thought about your dearly departed at byebyepet.org.

Then pass the Kleenex.

Available at madebyoots.com, $10-$15.

Photo: Courtesy of Oots