Play It Again: Storytelling Outside the Box

Steve Light Story Boxes ignite imagination

steve light story boxes!

Once upon a time, before kids could read books, they listened to stories.

As they listened, imaginations sprung to life and almost magically, if not scientifically, language and comprehension skills were acquired.

And so goes the tale behind author/illustrator Steve Light’s new story boxes. The simple wood crates contain all the elements your little Hans Christian Andersen needs to “tell” the stories of Rapunzel, Hansel & Gretel, The Girl Who Loved Danger, and Little One Inch — in his own words.

Each box includes hand-painted resin characters, props to represent the setting (a river of light blue fabric), and a simple version of the folktale to read with your child before he begins spinning a yarn.

Light also suggests researching alternate versions of the classic fables, so that kiddos can pick and choose their own details.

So it’s not the same old story.

Available at guidecraft.com, $50.

Photo: Courtesy of GuideCraft