App-y Day: Brainy Fables

Kids go animal for these fables

brainy fables!

Look out, Aesop. There’s a new yarn-spinner in town.

Welcome Brainy Fables, a collection of story apps for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. Like Aesop’s creations, the cleverly illustrated tales bring to life animals and children facing moral challenges. Each packs an important lesson (believe in yourself; be humble) and poses questions to get little philosophers thinking.

Kids go on a quest with Marcelo, a dancing fox who can’t overcome his inhibitions; and Horacio, a piglet who aspires to do more than loaf around the barn. Mirta the fly and a Mayan boy named Uxmal have journeys of their own.

While you listen, tap the screen to activate sounds. Aesop never had that.

Available at brainyfables.com. “Mirta the Super Fly” is free; other fables, $2 each.

Photo: Courtesy of Brainy Fables