The Sunday Night Blues

It’s 7 p.m. on a Sunday night. You open the fridge. And right away you see it, next to the Mallomars.

The gaping hole.

The void.

The colossal blunder.

You have no wine.

Vintage New York, a new SoHo wine shop that’s open seven days a week until 9 p.m., to the rescue.

“But how?” you ask. The savvy owners of Vintage New York also run Rivendell Winery, which operates under a vineyard license, allowing the shop to open on Sunday.

True to its name, the store sells only wines from New York State — about 150, all priced between $7 and $30, including reds, whites, sparkling wines, dessert wines, and fruit wines, as well as cider and mead. And cheapskates take note: There’s a bar in the rear of the store, and for a buck per (tiny) gulp, you can taste any wine it carries.

Vintage New York also carries native delicacies such as toothsome cheddar from Egg Farm Dairy in Peekskill and Germantown’s Highland Country Farms venison prosciutto.

If, that is, Sunday night Chinese is just too passe.

Vintage New York, 482 Broome Street, between Wooster and Greene Streets, (212-226-9463).