Food & Drink

Mini Bar

There are gay bars.

There are straight bars.

Bars for bikers, and bars for brokers.

Herewith, the latest breed. The mini bar.

(And we’re not talking about that little hotel Frigidaire that houses a $12 Diet Coke).

No, silly, we’re talking living-room sized boites…cozy subway-car-sized spots like the Room on Perry Street, Milk & Honey, and Big Bar. Our favorite latest addition: Bar Demi, Diane Forley’s new twelve-seater around the corner from Verbena on Irving Place.

Yes, there’s no other way to describe it: It’s tiny. Six-table tiny. And the Lilliputian theme goes beyond square footage: wine is served in half-bottles (moderation, ladies!), the tasting plates are small (moderation, ladies!), and yes, we spotted a couple of women there under five feet two.

But what it lacks in space, it makes up for in charm.

A civilized bar in New York?

Where better to show off your new teeny-tiny teacup terrier?