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An Enlightening Dinner Party from SideTour

Get monk, not drunk

sidetour dinner with a monk!

If you’re like us, your version of food for thought is a spiritual relationship with the everything bagel.

N(om) on actual deep ideas for a change at Wall Street investment banker/consultant-turned-monk Rasanath Dasa’s next dinner party/philosophical chat.

Dasa is whip smart (MBA from Cornell, Eastern philosophy teacher) and spunkier than you’d expect. Yes, he practices bhakti yoga and looks the part (shaved head, simple dress), but rather than renounce the world, he dials into New York life (writes for HuffPo, runs a nonprofit for creative types, etc.) to find meaning.

Wednesday is the first of five dinners, but space is limited to four guests per night. Monks prepare the $20 tea and vegetarian spread (all proceeds go to the East Village monastery), while you enjoy life talk mixed with humor and Dasa’s personal tale of physical, emotional, and psychological enlightenment.

You’ll leave feeling full.

And one with everything.

To sign up, go to sidetour.com.

Photo: Vipin Goyal / Courtesy of SideTour