The Sill Plant Website Launches

Highly stylish potted greenery

the sill!

Dear Idiom Society,

We urge you to stop encouraging the use of “less personality than a houseplant” to describe dull people.

Our evidence: The Sill. The new plant delivery and decor site from Eliza Blank and Gwen Blevens proves you don’t need a mouth to make a stylish statement.

Get excited for a dynamic way to add green to drab apartments; we find it’s easiest to contain our feelings (and selves) in modern, geometric, whimsical, and classic terra-cotta planters made by artists from NYC and around the country.

(Chloro) fill your shelves with a colorfully potted trio of mini succulents or go big with a striped watermelon peperomia in a baby blue vase. Waxy ZZs and pencil plants add height, but you should determine your ideal match using the site’s nifty guide to light.

Delivery to Manhattan and Brooklyn is free, plus all flora come with care instructions (on a fridge magnet) and a 30-day guarantee.

Yours frondly,


Available at thesill.com, $34-$160.

Photo: Courtesy of The Sill