A Stroller Accessory You'll Fall For

Hamster Bags for umbrella strollers

hamster bags!

Whoever designed the umbrella stroller sacrificed storage space for portability.

But we’ve found an accessory that tips the scales (and not the stroller) on the storage issue.

Hamster stroller bags add the cargo space you need without upending the stroller — which is what happens whenever you hang a grocery bag, purse, or diaper tote over the handles. The genius of these catchalls is that they attach to the stroller like saddlebags: one on each side. So the weight is evenly distributed (up to six pounds in each), and the stroller stays upright with or without a passenger.

We’ve found ours useful for trips to the corner market, packing picnic lunches for the park, and traveling. The bags are easy to unhook and have a carrying strap, so you can just unlatch, throw over your shoulder, and go.

Turns out it took a hamster to reinvent the wheel.

Available at onestepahead.com, $40.

Photo: Courtesy of Hamster Bags