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brookes boswell millinery!

What with all the Olympic games and Kate Middletons, Londoners are having a center-of-everything (a.k.a. New York) moment.

Let’s beat them at their own game, starting with milliner Brookes Boswell.

Iowa-born, Downtown Brooklyn-based Boswell pulls from her background in architectural design, fine art, and textiles to put a modern spin on classic toppers.

Look the summer part in casual panama fedoras, cloches, and wide-brim hats. A pink grosgrain-trimmed boater is technically designed for guys, but since Boswell makes each piece to measure, ladies can rock it, too.

Shrunken cocktail hats made from nubby straws come adorned with porcupine quills, dried flowers, and vintage buttons. An ecru boater with a bouquet of raw cotton, gold leaf flowers, and a veil evokes Renoir, while a sequin, beaded, and tasseled fez makes us want to take a minicar for a joyride.

Come winter, trade in breezier looks for unisex wool caps and velour felt bowlers.

Feels good to be back on top.

Available at Smith + Butler, 225 Smith Street, at Butler Street (718-855-4295 or smithbutler.com); at brookesboswell.com, $200-$350.

Photos: Shawn Brackbill / Courtesy of Brookes Boswell

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225 Smith St
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