Anthropologie Goes Online

There are two types of shoppers. The first (Type A) worship Michael Kors; wear Manolos in the snow; subscribe to Visionaire; are chronic regulars on the Fendi wait list; and think anthropology is a college subject (which they failed). The second (Type B) subscribe to Nylon and The New Yorker; wear flip-flops in the rain; DJ on the side; know a bargain; and will fight damn hard for it.

Heads up, Type Bs: Anthropologie, the boho-chic shop known for its eclectic merch, has gone cyber. Meaning: No more trekking to the oft-overcrowded, completely overwhelming store to rifle through picked-over racks while the chick next to you tells you that size eight was HER TERRITORY first. Meaning: A fall collection that includes more than 100 tops, cardigans, sequined cashmere tanks, and leather corsets, leather pants as well as household items like a rattan-and-steel loveseat and an embroidered Moroccan duvet.

And hey, even if you’re a Type A, you can still sit in that Philippe Starck Emeco chair, stare at your iMac, and marvel at what all those fashion plebeians are up to these days.