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Swine Opens in the West Village

A wine bar with swagger


For normal people, Lollapalooza limits thoughts to crowd surfing, hoping it’s not laced, and looking cool on Instagram.

For John McNulty (previously front of house at Perilla and Jeffrey’s Grocery) and Cris Criswell (a Broadway lawyer), the fest spurred the idea for Swine — a divey, bilevel rock bar that’s snobby when it comes to wine and food — opening tonight.

Begin with chef Phil Conlon’s (Cafe Cluny, Extra Virgin) deviled eggs and beef tongue Reuben toast. Pickles (jalapenos, plums) and condiments (brandied peaches, espelette pepper jam) can be had solo or as backup for Murray’s cheese, salumis (merguez, duck prosciutto), and charcuterie for the table.

Pork headlines (get your fix with sweet chili-glazed belly). Bone marrow and brisket burgers smothered in Gruyere and caramelized onions, sockeye salmon crudo, and roasted trout steal the show.

Bonus points if you score a spot upstairs in the crescent nook.

Think about it.

Swine, 531 Hudson Street, between 10th and Charles Streets (212-255-7675 or swinenyc.com).

Photo: Jordan Blumberg / DailyCandy

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531 Hudson St
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