Soapbox DIY Furniture

No tools required

soap box home!

You just moved (welcome to Brooklyn), and your new apartment is already packed (with possibilities, mainly; you sold the rest of your junk on Craigslist).

Start fresh with Soapbox, a new line of DIY shelves, coffee tables, bedside stands, and buffets made just across the Hudson.

Like other prefab furniture, each piece comes like an unassembled puzzle; unlike Ikea, no tools — other than a bit of spacial awareness — are required to build. All resemble an open-ended box but vary in size (small square, larger rectangles) and leg height.

Once you determine function, choose a veneered plywood (maple, cherry, or walnut) for the siding and color of hardware (galvanized metal, white, black, green, orange, or light blue) for the corner joints and legs.

The line is lightweight yet sturdy and ideal for compact spaces, so you can move past decorating and on to more important things.

Like nailing down new takeout spots.

Available at soapboxhome.com.

Photo: Anthony Torsiello / Courtesy of Soapbox