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Artkive clutter-free artwork storage


Back to school is full of trade-offs. (Hello, 7 p.m. bedtime. Goodbye, clear refrigerator door.)

If you’re already searching Pinterest for solutions to art project clutter, the best answer might be right in your hands. Artkive, a new app for iPhones (the Android version launches in September), lets you store, share, and print your kid’s scribbles without a moment of “I can’t throw this away” guilt.

Simply snap a picture of the artwork and the app automatically tags each image with your child’s name, grade, and date created. Add a title or description and then share the gallery with other parental units or whomever you invite to your circle.

But hold tight: The real genius of Artkive will be realized a few months into the school year (your refrigerator door is still clear!) when you’ve collected enough images to turn your digital collection into a customized coffee-table book with just the press of a button.

Talk about a real masterpiece.

Available at artkiveapp.com, free for a limited time.

Photo: Courtesy of Artkive 

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