Barb and Bear launches

NYC's newest st(art)-up

barb and bear!

You claim the gross clown painting in your living room is ironic, but we know better: You got suckered into buying bad art.

Start fresh with choice finds from new digital art market Barb and Bear.

New York natives and college buds Alana Branston and Gabriel Thomas (known to some as Barb and Bear Sheriff) launched the site as a home for emerging local artists and designers with big talent.

Decorate with southwestern and nautical typographic prints, classic paintings invaded by abstract cartoons, and Twig Terrariums. On the apparel front, fish-bone cuffs by Brash Cat, vintage dyed Chinese tennis shoes, Hall and Oates earrings, and Mess Queen’s bright leggings keep your look indie.

As avid real-life market-goers, Branston and Thomas are always on the hunt for high-quality goods that won’t drain bank accounts (average price is around $60).

Or creep out houseguests.

Available at barbandbear.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Barb and Bear