The Perfect Nothing Catalog

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the perfect nothing catalog!

Shacks in order of ascending preference: MASH shack, Shake Shack, Shaq.

Topping the list: The Perfect Nothing Catalog, a mini cabin of curiosities now open in Greenpoint.

Reconstructed board by board by artist/sailor Frank Traynor, the former upstate icehouse now rests in a leafy corner of Design.Plot (the community garden from Domestic Construction and Hayseed’s Big City Farm Supply) at the junction of art and commerce.

Shop vintage swim trunks and books, painted bodysurfing planks, knives inlaid with semiprecious stones, lamps salvaged from disco bondage clubs, and conch night-lights.

Traynor holds court Wednesday through Saturday (noon to 8 p.m.); swing by for a convo, doodads you never knew you wanted, and, perhaps, a slice of watermelon harvested from the roof.

Subsequent pop-ups are planned, but stay tuned and act fast. As it gets cold and drafty, Traynor’s summer experiment hours will dwindle and eventually end.

And it’s back to your old mansion apartment.

The Perfect Nothing Catalog, 216 India Street, between McGuinness Boulevard and Provost Street, Greenpoint (218-240-9350 or theperfectnothingcatalog.com). Prices range $4 to $225.

Photos: Courtesy of The Perfect Nothing Catalog 

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216 India St
bt McGuinness Blvd & Provost St
Brooklyn, NY 11222