Get Sketchy with The Artful Bachelorette

Magic Mike meets Michelangelo

The artful bachelorette drawing parties!

We’re thinking of a word. It rhymes with weenus.

Stumped? (Let’s hope not.) For a helpful visual aid, look to The Artful Bachelorette.

Technically intended as a send-off into the land of wedded bliss, the private figure-drawing parties are an appropriate way to mark birthdays, comings and goings, or just getting through another Hump Day.

For two hours, a professional art teacher walks you and fellow students through the proper strokes, while a really attractive man hangs out (pause) in the buff. All the drawing utensils, champagne, and canvases you need to properly document the moment are provided along with snacks.

Inspiration manifests itself differently, so feel free to channel a specific style (surrealism, impressionism) or focus on your favorite body part (ear, big toe). Both guys and girls are welcome; note that when your group is more than fifteen strong, the hosts throw in a shirtless waiter free.

Just another gracious tip.

Available at theartfulbachelorette.com, $85 per person.

Photo: Courtesy of The Artful Bachelorette