Nesting Instinct: A Paper Leaf DIY

Famille Summerbelle ushers in fall

diy famille summerbelle!

With fall comes apple cider, gourd centerpieces, and the dreaded more time inside.

For indoor inspiration, check out Be Creative with Famille Summerbelle. Known for their mesmerizing cutouts, crafty husband and wife Julie Marabelle and Simon Summerscales packed their new book with ideas from their DIY-filled home — such as the Branches with Paper Leaves project.

Leaf it to them to come up with something so right for the season.

Acrylic paint
A few sheets of white paper
Picture frame wire
Spool of clear thread
Tree branch

1. Paint several pieces of white paper different colors and shades. These will be the leaves.

2. After paint is dry, glue sheets together to create a front and back.

4. Insert a little picture frame wire at the bottom of the sheets to create the stem.

5. Draw the shapes of the leaves. Different shapes and sizes make for a more interesting finished product.

6. Cut out each of the shapes, and then slice details in the interior of each leaf. Sharp scalpels make it easier to cut finer details, but small scissors work, too.

7. Head outdoors to find a tree branch.

8. Attach leaves to the branch using the picture frame wire.

9. To mount, wrap clear thread around the branch. Place picture tacks in the wall and tie thread around it for a floating effect.

Find more inspiration in Be Creative with Famille Summerbelle available at famillesummerbelle.com, $31.

Photo: Hisashi Tokuyoshi / Courtesy of Famille Summerbelle