Daniella Kallmeyer Jewelry

Sea and Be Seen

daniella kallmeyer jewelry!

Fashion Week Fever: A contagious biannual affliction. Symptoms include wackier-than-normal outfits, piling on at least ten pounds of jewelry, and stalking street style photogs.

Give in to the craze with NYC-based young gun Daniella Kallmeyer’s abstract baubles.

The South Africa-born designer has a serious resume (Alexander McQueen, Proenza Schouler, Jen Kao), and though her pieces look pulled from the ocean, each is made to order in Manhattan.

Make like a mermaid with a sinewy silver and teal quartz cocktail ring or a necklace strung with gold rings and sea urchin beads. Earrings crafted from oyster-like nets of rose gold with coral beads and pearls add a pop of warmth, while a bundle of chains snaked through an aquatic pendant is effortlessly cool.

If you’re jonesing for a simpler statement, a set of thin rose gold and white leather bangles does the trick; however, we suggest getting twisted in a ring-and-crumpled-pendant combo.

Either way, you’ll look sick.

Available at daniellakallmeyer.com, $250-$860.

Photo: Courtesy of Daniella Kallmeyer