March to the Beat

Backstage at Edun spring 2013

edun spring 2013!

Come in, Captain. We’ve just had it from intelligence that Edun is taking a three-pronged approach to effortless beauty for next spring. Over.

What does that mean? Over.

First, operatives at Haven Spa use one coat of Essie Jazz on nails — no muss, no fuss, no top coat. Also, we hear nudes, iridescent, and rose gold are going to be a big trend on the finger front.

Okay, let’s stay on topic, Sergeant. What else did you find out?

Well, sir. You know it’s makeup artist Tom Pecheux’s first time working with Edun. But he felt confident that a clean look is the way to go: a lot of skin prep and moisture, MAC powder in Bone Beige and Sculpt on cheeks, and muted Mineral Rich lip colors in Posh Tone and Luxe Naturale.

You said there were three parts, Sergeant. Get to the point.

Hair, sir. The word out of London is that James Pecis uses mostly water, Bumble and Bumble thickening hairspray, and humid climates to get the style, code name “cool NYC girl.” He keeps a middle part, and uses a straightening iron, but not in any pattern that we can discern.

You did well for a first-timer, but it’s back to the trenches with you. Get your gear and head out to the next show.

Will do, Captain. Over.

Photos: Courtesy of Edun