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Thom Browne spring 2013

thom browne spring 2013!

Thom Browne, master of the theatrical and a damn sharp tailor, presented his women’s spring collection to three packed houses in one evening. Here’s the playbill.

Setting: The New York Public Library-turned-haunted fun house with wavy mirrors and swirling black-and-white lazy Susans dotting the floor.

Inspiration: Oskar Schlemmer, 1920s Bauhaus artist.

Cast: Soldiers tapping on xylophones; ballet dancers tiptoeing and twirling en pointe in Tim Burton-esque striped tights. Bride of Frankenstein dolls-come-to-life marching in a wide circle, landing on their assigned platforms to be turned and presented to the audience.

Costumes: Mid-length skirts and jackets in gray-and-white and rainbow plaid, whale- and seahorse-print separates, elongated collars, mermaid gowns, and a cutout pattern dress.

Score: Dissonant, eardrum-splitting melodies giving way to the high, childlike vocals of “Wuthering Heights,” by Kate Bush.

Full show coming to a computer screen near you.


Photos: Dario Cantatore / Getty Images