Community Supported Art

These artists deserve space in your home

community supported art!

You demand to know the origin of your kale and blueberries. But with art, you have a tendency to farm out.

First Friday hotspots Grizzly Grizzly and Tiger Strikes Asteroid strive to keep it local with Community Supported Art.

After a round of nominations and studio visits, they narrowed down their CSA roster to nine artists. Each person then created an original work, taking the oft-diminutive apartments of fledgling collectors into account. Douglas Witmer paints on vintage school writing paper; Sarah Kate Burgess delivers DIY paper rings.

Pickups take place over the course of three dates, beginning in October. The first batch arrives in a canvas tote; drop by for the last right after the holidays. If the price seems steep, consider divvying up the nine works among friends.

Because this is as green as your palette’s gonna get.

Register at csartphilly.com, $450. For more information, email tsagrizzcsa@gmail.com.

Photo: Jaime Alvarez / Courtesy of Community Supported Art