Peak Out with Moving Mountains

A new range of handbags and jewelry rises

moving mountains!

To move an actual mountain, choices are limited to dynamite (too dangerous), erosion (if you have millions of years), or magic (we’re still waiting, Hogwarts).

To reach a more allegorical peak — such as finding a simple and distinctive purse for all seasons — the solution is as easy as Moving Mountains, a new less-is-more accessories line.

Made in Brooklyn by Hawaii-born designer Syrette Lew, the sturdy bags have timeless style and are actually affordable. Pull double duty with a leather Dopp kit/clutch or heavy canvas and veggie-tanned leather bucket bag/backpack. The latter (ideal for bikers) is finished with cheery, striped silk lining and antique brass hardware.

A fawny brown canteen pouch with adjustable cross-body strap feels delightfully vintage (our favorite), but if you desire more pomp, go for the black bucket bag with equestrian figure-eight strap.

Lew also creates minimalist necklaces from waxed cotton or leather cords and horizontal brass bar pendants.

Elevated style made effortless.

Available at mvngmtns.com, $105-$335.

Photos: Courtesy of Moving Mountains