Michele Lau Embroidered Jorts

A shorts story

michele lau custom jorts!

As classy adults, we know we’re supposed to wear responsible-looking outfits, but, really, we’d rather rock jorts year-round.

Specifically, a custom embroidered pair by NYC designer Michele Lau.

They’re cheeky (not that way) and potentially NSFW (Lau’s not afraid of expletives), and we’re not-so-secretly obsessed.

Go for one or two larger designs (a dinosaur, giant daisy, your name) or let Lau go nuts with an array of mini icons (think doodle-covered Trapper Keeper). Premade styles splattered with peace signs, balloons, spiders, and ice cream cones are also available.

Get the process rolling with an email to Lau to reserve your spot (quantities are limited) and establish the design. Then messenger or mail in your shorts so Lau can work her magic. Two to three weeks later your bottoms reappear adorned and improved.

And guaranteed to leave you in stitches.

Available by email order (laulaunyc@gmail.com), small one-inch icons, $20; large three-inch designs, $40-$60. To shop premade pairs, go to etsy.com, $115-$280.

Photos: Courtesy of Michele Lau