Hello Kitty Comes Clean

We gave you the goods on how to make Hello Kitty toast with the endearing and whimsical Hello Kitty toaster.

Now we say…

Clean that sh-t up!

How, you ask? (Or why?, you pout.) With a Hello Kitty vacuum cleaner, of course. Like its mess-making cousin, this “ultra quiet” machine is colored pink and white, and is designed for maximum compactness and lightness. (Vacuuming! Whee!) Unlike the one-trick toaster, however, this kitten is a veritable Transformer of home maintenance: It can metamorphose from a stick vacuum to a portable canister to a handheld in a few easy steps.

Even better, it might end up saving you money, because, hey, who needs a cleaning lady when you’ve got Hello Kitty to lend a hand?

Now if only it would arrange your dust bunnies into decorative piles…