NiftyThrifty Vintage Clothing Site

Not-so-sloppy seconds

nifty thrifty!

Us: “Love. your. coat. Who makes it? It’s cool that we copy you, right? We need one badly.”

Smug person: “It’s vintage. From Sweden. And besides, it just moved in with its girlfriend.”

Good thing we can rebound with NiftyThrifty, a new Brooklyn-based, members-only vintage clothing site founded by eBay pro seller Topper Luciani and entrepreneur Mark Kingdon.

In lieu of endless virtual racks, Luciani and stylist Kate Donovan present groups of 50 to 100 pieces by theme multiple times per week (think buyable Pinterest boards). Go woodsy with a collection of woolen sweaters, rucksacks, and campy flannels or find nirvana with red and gold grunge trappings (concert tees, Converse sneaks, long-strapped envelope purses).

Later this week, they’ll release two sales dubbed Boho Chic and 57th and 5th. Expect bygone indie brands and fringe in the former and labels (Hermès, Gucci, Prada) in both.

Pieces average $50 and are listed with detailed size info, pictures, and condition reports.

Go ahead and pick one up.

Available at niftythrifty.com.

Photos: Courtesy of NiftyThrifty