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Urban Garden Opens on Fairfax

The Rosewood Tavern guy does casual Mediterranean

urban garden opens!

(Sal)ad Libs

1. Crete is located in the (noun) Sea.
2. We stayed in a quaint (adjective) villa.
3. She liked the (adjective) diet so much she plans to keep it up.

Fill in the blanks at healthful, cafeteria-style eatery Urban Garden, opening Friday. George Abou-Daoud (Bowery, Rosewood Tavern) imports his native culture’s cuisine into the heart of the Fairfax District’s dining scene.

Cruise down the exposed kitchen assembly line and opt for a hearty base of pitas, rice, house-made dips (hummus, baba ghanoush), or salads (tabbouleh, fattoush). Then choose from a selection of toppings like stuffed grape leaves, falafel, rotisserie chicken, or authentic lamb shawarma (made without meat glue or preservatives).

Ingredients are organic whenever possible, and staff can talk you through any unfamiliar dishes.

This place is so good, you’ll be coming back(lava) for more.

Urban Garden, 446 North Fairfax Avenue, between Rosewood and Oakwood Avenues, Fairfax District (323-951-0990 or eaturbangarden.com).

Photo: Courtesy of Urban Garden

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446 N Fairfax Ave
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