Help NYC Bounce Back

Post-storm volunteer and donation opportunities

we heart you, nyc!

We love New York.

And you take care of those you love.

If you safely weathered the storm and are able to donate time or money, please do so. Not all of our friends, family, and neighbors were so lucky.

To volunteer immediately, email nycservice@cityhall.nyc.gov with your name, email address, and borough. Someone will contact you with ways to help today and over the next week. The Red Cross is also looking for shelter volunteers; visit nyredcross.org for sign-up information. For opportunities in the coming months, go to newyorkcares.org.

To give money, visit salvationarmyusa.org, redcross.org, and aidmatrixnetwork.org.

The Humane Society is accepting donations (humanesociety.org). Follow @humanesociety on Twitter for volunteer opportunity updates.

Our thoughts continue to be with those seriously affected by the storm and with the first responders.

We’re still the world’s best city.

Now let’s prove it.

Photo: Chad Riley / Getty Images