Whiskey Tango Living Room Tour

House of the rising puns

whiskey tango living room tour!

We love hosting parties. But sometimes Apples to Apples and cheese on cheese don’t cut it.

Raise the bar with the Whiskey Tango Living Room Tour.

From The Dependable Felons comedy troupe, the roving sketch and stand-up show/house party blends booze with serious laughs for zero dollars.

The catch: Appointments are limited, and you have to court them. Start with an email that includes pictures or a video of your abode and tentative dates. If they’re into it (a.k.a. your apartment isn’t a shoe box and their dance card isn’t packed), they’ll put you on the books.

You’re simply responsible for the invites and snack situation. Co-founders Murf Meyer and James Chupka wrangle the talent and arrange for free whiskey and a bartender (Chupka convinced a Bushmills marketing rep with a sense of humor to get on board).

Don’t be surprised if guests end up ROFL.

Just be sure to vacuum.

To host, email whiskeytangotour@gmail.com. For more information, go to whiskeytangolivingroomtour.com.

Photo: Josh Wool / Courtesy of Dependable Felons