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The Butcher's Daughter Opens

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the butcher's daughter!

It’s coming. A gravy train with biscuit wheels. Cars of turkey, dressing, and pies followed by a caboose the size of a house.

Get on a healthier track at The Butcher’s Daughter, now open in a white-tiled corner shop in Nolita.

Heather Tierney (mixologist and owner of Apothéke and Pulqueria) tapped juice expert Brandi Kowalski (ABC Kitchen) and chef Joya Carlton (Buvette) to create a healthy menu that’s primarily vegan but tastes anything but.

Purists will love basic, color-based juices, though we’re keen on more complex concoctions with herbal infusions (hello, hangover killer with young Thai coconut, pineapple, yuzu, chili, evening primrose oil, and cilantro).

Snag a window stool for solo breakfast and house-made nut milk lattes or, come lunch, salads and sandwiches (avocado mash with curry; cashew mozzarella with roasted tomato and basil pesto). Faux charcuterie boards (mushroom-walnut pate, broccoli rillette, cashew ricotta) and kasha portobella burgers are best shared at the communal table.

Let’s ride.

The Butcher’s Daughter, 19 Kenmare Street, between Bowery and Elizabeth Street (212-219-3434).

Photo: Courtesy of The Butcher’s Daughter

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19 Kenmare St
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