The DailyCandy Competition: Schick Takes it to the Extreme

Friday Eve. 11:36 p.m. You cruise to the ladies’ room. Only the character standing next to you ain’t no lady. (Of course, this cannot be confirmed, but she sure doesn’t look like one.)

Welcome to the theme of the 00’s: Unisex everything. We have co-ed bathrooms courtesy of Ally McBeal, and unisex fragrance. Now Schick eliminates the “Honey, are you using MY razor????” dilemma with the Schick Xtreme III razor, a sleek triple-blade tool engineered to accommodate the needs of both men and women. Best of all, you don’t have to hassle with blade changes.

To honor this further unification of the sexes, Schick has created a special competition for all you creative DailyCandy subscribers:

Whoever can come up with the three most ingenious ideas for items he or she would most like to see go unisex wins a two-night sneak-preview cruise for two on Royal Caribbean International’s Explorer of the Seas, a new ship complete with shopping, dining, a huge fitness center, ice-skating rink, rock-climbing wall, and casino. The trip includes food and accommodations?all you’ve got to do is get to the pier as the ship departs from NYC.

So put your thinking caps on, and worry not: Should you win, we’ll help you find a killer bikini.