DailyCandy Jams v.81

dailycandy jams v.81!

News flash: The Weeknd’s formerly internet-only mixtapes are now available as a Trilogy (the Michael Jackson cover is a must-hear); there’s a fresh batch of record store day releases you may have missed on Black Friday (The Shins, M83); and punk rock legend Ian MacKaye’s band, The Evens (with Amy Farina), is going to make you feel badass.

Let’s Go‚” by Outasight

No Way Down (Swift Sessions),” by The Shins (pictured)

Just Say I Love You,” by Goldenboy

Downer‚” by Offshore

Tending the Talk‚” by Buke & Gase

D.D.‚” by The Weeknd

Steve McQueen (Maps Remix),” by M83

King of Kings‚” by The Evens

We Come Running (Tiësto Remix)‚” by Youngblood Hawke

Blue Ice,” by Shout Out Louds

Stream the playlist here.

Photo: Shaun Regan for DailyCandy