Q&A: Men Behind the Blog

The F– Yeah Menswear co-founders give us the genuine article

We’re always down for mixing things up. And when it comes to men’s clothing, nobody gets down, dirty, and flat-out hilarious like style-packed Tumblr F– Yeah Menswear. We ducked into the closets and minds of bi-coastal co-founders Kevin and Lawrence to chat fanny packs, fashion reincarnation, and their brand new book.

Names: Lawrence Schlossman and Kevin Burrows

Location: Hoboken, New Jersey (Lawrence) and Los Feliz, California (Kevin)

Occupation: Author (Lawrence) and production coordinator/author (Kevin)

Finish this sentence. I feel naked without my:
Lawrence: Watch.
Kevin: Lawrence’s watch.

What is the best thing that a guy could steal from his girlfriend’s closet?
Her wallet. Specifically, the money inside of it.

What is the best thing a woman could steal from her man’s closet?
His worn oxford shirts, jeans, or field jacket. Basically, women look goddamn fantastic in any kind of men’s clothing.

What post did you run that got the most people saying “F– yeah”?
Our ode to menswear’s only son, Steezus Christ, may God rest his soul.

Fanny packs. A do? And if so, what’s in yours?
Yes. A fanny pack is the perfect place to store all your extra fanny packs.

Who is your dream guest blogger?
Weirdly enough, we both had dreams about the Wu-Tang Clan trading verses with [menswear icon and Project Trade show director Nick] Wooster last night.

If you had to be reincarnated as a piece of clothing, what would it be?
Bespoke Tom Ford tuxes. Shawl collars. Living luxe for the rest of eternity. Game over.

Anything you’d like to add?
Check out our book. It’s packed with sartorial knowledge and is the perfect gift for the man in your life who is totally perfect besides the fact that he dresses like total garbage.

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Photo: Courtesy of F- Yeah Menswear