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Q&A: Women Behind the Business

Tinsel & Twine's Liz Castelli, Adette Contreras, and Erica Taylor

tinsel & twine!

It was love at first sight when we met the supremely talented, driven, and hilarious trio behind Tinsel & Twine in 2011. Now, several oyster-, wine-, and NSFW convo-filled dates later, we’re ready to share our favorite wedding and event planners with the world. Below, Liz, Adette, and Erica’s thoughts on parties, flowers, and their favorite muse — New York City.

Names: Liz Castelli, Adette Contreras, and Erica Taylor

Neighborhoods: Harlem (Liz), Cobble Hill (Adette), and Lower East Side (Erica)

Occupations: Owners of Brooklyn-based event design shop Tinsel & Twine.

Who’s the most stylish New Yorker living or dead, real or fictional?
Liz: Adette and Erica. Everything they wear is just so put together. Erica with the fab do and great legging/boot combos, and Adette with the flowy glam clothes and amazing heels.
Adette: Dorothy Parker. Wit never goes out of style.
Erica: I’m in love with Iris Apfel. She cocoons herself in so many rich colors, textures, and details. I wish I had the time, energy, and focus to dress myself so joyfully.

What makes it a party?

L: One of our favorites, DJ Marvin, blows our mind. He does unbelievable mash-ups like Nine Inch Nails and old-school Outkast with a little harmony from Queen.
A: When someone drops it like it’s hot, actually falls down, can’t get up, and can’t stop laughing about it. True story.
E: Good music and good people who know how to make their own fun. If that means kicking off your shoes and dancing on tables — so be it.

Which fictional character would you most like to hang out with?
L: Mason and Goodspeed while they try to disarm VX gas rockets headed for Alcatraz [in The Rock].
A: Batman. Either in Bruce Wayne or stealth vigilante form.
E: I would want to party and window-shop with Holly Golightly. I would just have to bounce when she started shoplifting and getting all dramatic.

If you could have any pet in the world, what would it be?
L: A big elephant.
A: Oh, I’d obviously have a giant white tiger named She-Ra or Voltron.
E: A teacup pig. Except I would feel guilty about eating pork.

Best way to bust out of a creative rut:
L: A long run, a big glass of wine, and a chat with the Tinsel ladies.
A: Take a walk in the neighborhood with Lulu [the French bulldog], a cup of hot green tea, and my camera.
E: Ditto. I love to just walk around the city. The window-shopping and people watching is priceless and always provides unexpected sources of inspiration that we can translate into our own design work.

Celebrity crush growing up and now:
L: Growing up, Brian of the Backstreet Boys. Now, Thor.
A: Growing up, Indiana Jones. Now, Joseph Gordon-Levitt.
E: Growing up, Robin Hood. Not the live action actor. The fox from the Disney movie. No joke. Now, Jon Hamm. And Mr. President, of course.

What is your favorite plant/flower?
L: This is so hard. I love flowers that are unexpected and unconventional when arranged together. If I had to pick just one — the daisy. Fresh and happy.
A: I’m an island girl, so tropical flowers remind me of my mama, my grandma, and home — jasmines, orchids, ylang-ylang, and birds of paradise.
E: I love peonies and dahlias, but more and more I find myself drawn to funky, non-flowery flowers like craspedia, thistles, cockscomb, and astilbe. I also love how Liz works unconventional plants like cabbages, rosemary, or beer hops into our pieces. She’s a wild woman.

Photo: Deo Anunciado / Courtesy of Tinsel & Twine