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Q&A: Woman Behind the Blog

Feast of Fashions's Rachel Waters

rachel waters!

We tire easily — except when browsing Feast of Fashions. Rachel Waters keeps it fresh, delivering food and fashion in equal doses. This Woman Behind the Blog single-handedly ups our city’s style quotient (let’s face it, we need it), peppering in anecdotes about off-the-beaten-path diners along the way. We’re smitten; you will be, too.

Name: Rachel Waters

Location: Chicago

Occupation: Producer for MK Films Group. We shoot tabletop and live-action commercials. (“Tabletop” in a nutshell: If you’re watching a Wendy’s commercial, we shoot the burgers you want to eat.)

How did your blog come to be?
Awhile back, I was looking for a creative outlet. My boyfriend, Brian Sorg, is a professional photographer, and we began collaborating, shooting mini editorials (from fashion to recipes to restaurants), aiming to create interesting content that evokes emotion. Hopefully we succeed every once in a while!

What do you love about your neighborhood?
Its proximity to Green City Market and Itto Sushi (you know a place is authentic when it’s full of Japanese businessmen). Lincoln Park isn’t the most diverse when it comes to restaurants and bars, but that’s what I love about Chicago: Your next great meal is only a neighborhood away.

How would you describe your style?
Edgy chic with influences from two of my favorite cities, Tokyo and Paris. Tokyo fashion is like nothing I have ever witnessed; there is so much individuality and creativity. It’s in their blood (and hopefully mine, being half-Japanese). I’ve spent hours people watching in Paris; Parisians exude effortless chic. Easier said than done.

What’s the last item you splurged on?
A pair of Isabel Marant hidden wedge sneakers purchased on a recent girls’ trip to New York. I blame that city! It was a power greater than me, and I regret nothing. They go with everything.

What local blogs do you read? (Any not based in Chicago?)
Chicago: Tres Awesome, Goodies & Besties, Lottie + Doof. The rest: Fashion Toast, Man Repeller, Food52, Note to Self, Garance Doré. And DailyCandy, of course. [We’re blushing.]

Chicago’s best-kept secret?
Taste of Lebanon’s lentil soup. Once I ate it four nights in a row; the owner called me out on it (in a good way). Also, Pasta Puttana’s semolina pizza dough (we made pizza on the grill easily once a week this summer).

Where do you shop in the city?
P.45, Apartment Number 9, and Krista K for men’s and women’s clothes and accessories; Green Grocer and Lincoln Park’s Whole Foods mecca for my fridge; Lush for my wine habit.

What five items should every well-dressed Chicagoan have in his/her closet?
Anything that makes them feel confident. (Unless it’s baggy jeans. America is the only place where baggy jeans are the norm. So sloppy.)

Five dream dinner party guests, what you’d wear, and what you’d cook:
Anthony Bourdain, my late grandfather, Ina Garten, Grace Coddington, and Michelle and Bo Obama. I’d cook something seasonal with a whole slew of vegetables. Brian would man the grill, and I’d secretly get dessert from Floriole, as I can’t bake for anything. I’ve never been able to plan an outfit in advance. My mood changes hourly!

Who is your style icon?
Oh, there are so many: Emmanuelle Alt (Parisian chic), Kate Moss (fearless trendsetter), Tilda Swinton (androgynous cool), and Rumi Neely (everyday inspiration).

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Photo: Brian Sorg / Courtesy of Feast of Fashions