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Q&A: Woman Behind the Market

Indie gems from The Portland Bazaar co-founder Grace Bonney

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So you’re not going to Portland this weekend. There’s good news, and there’s bad news. The bad? You’re going to miss The Portland Bazaar’s annual meet-up of some of the West Coast’s best new indie crafters and makers. The good? You can skip the lines and get right to the heart of things via our interview with co-founder (and Design Sponge editor) Grace Bonney.

I’m based in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, but spent my last summer living in Portland.

Occupation: Blogger

What’s your personal style?
I’m most comfortable in basics with a little bit of tomboy thrown in. If I could live, work, and sleep in soft menswear shirts my whole life, I would.

Today, Portland. Tomorrow, __________.
Portland. I don’t think Portland’s losing its cool anytime soon. Mainly because people who live there love it — I don’t see them hopping on a train for the next cool thing anytime soon. And they’d be right to stay: Portland has just about everything you could want in a city.

Who will be debuting at the bazaar?
Along with my partners, Matt Pierce (Wood&Faulk) and Greg Hennes (Antler & Co.), we curate the vendor list very carefully, so every seller is someone we really believe in. This year I’m really excited to see the new jewelry by Stone & Honey, fresh flowers from Solabee, designs by Boys Fort, and incredible wooden toys by Kinetic Creatures.

Best way to bust out of a creative rut?
Travel. It doesn’t have to be far — just get in a car and drive somewhere new. I do my best work when I’m jogged out of my normal routine, so I try to get out of town as often as possible. I also love to visit traditional family-run businesses. Their work ethic is always inspiring to me.

If you had a DIY superpower, what would it be?
I wish I could grow adaptors at will. Every moment of my life is spent trying to find an adaptor for a drill or pipe set. We like to use hardware store materials as much as possible for creative DIY projects, and I feel like I’m forever missing some tiny metal piece that allows me to drill through something weird like agate. So if I could sprout adaptors and drill bits from my fingertips, I’d be golden.

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Photo: Parker Fitzgerald / Courtesy of Design Sponge