App-y Day: Hide, Listen & Find

Hide and seek for the digital age

hide, listen, and find!

Seeking new ways to make playtime fun? Our search was over with Hide, Listen & Find, a new app for iPhone and iPad that puts a techie spin on hide and seek.

The premise is simple: Choose a colorful illustrated character (there’s an ostrich, a lion, a hippo,a monkey, and more), hide your device, and let your child listen to find it.

The app makes sounds associated with the character you’ve chosen. So whether it’s the screeching of a chimpanzee or the cawing of a toucan that leads your little investigator to the source, it all adds up to fun. Players get points depending on how quickly they uncover the device.

Ready or not, here they come.

Available at itunes.apple.com. Free for the monkey character; additional characters cost $1 each.

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Photo: Courtesy of Dutch Monaco