Play It Again: Jesi Haack Tepees

A place for peewees to powwow

Bows and arrows may be a no-no in your living room, but things still get wild on the home front.

Convince your crazy horse to confine his antics to Jesi Haack’s tepees.

jesi haack tepees!

The event stylist whipped up one for a first birthday party and soon after received requests from a tribe’s worth of parents. She’s happy to appease, daubing stripes, patterns, or Chief I-Don’t-Needa-Nap’s name onto painter’s canvas. Decide between the A-frame tent or traditional tepee; both are easy to rig.

So all you have to do is hold down the fort.

Available at etsy.com, $185 and up.

Photos: Courtesy of Mr. Haack