The Best New Shops and Fashion Stories of 2012

Thank you, sir, may we have another?

best new sf shops of 2012!

Santa missed a few things on your list. Grab your gift cards, check our stories twice, and hit the best new shopping in the Bay Area.

1. An angora sweater from Laura Schoorl.

2. A dip-dyed blouse from Heaven Tie-Dye Clothing.

3. A lace party dress for NYE from Sarah Seven.

4. Anything from BeGood (every item follows the one-for-one model or benefits charity).

5. A vintage gem (preferably by Balenciaga) from Fillmore & 5th.

6. Champagne flutes from March.

7. A gift certificate to Monkey Forest Road for home furnishings.

8. A refurnished vanity from Le Cart.

9. A cashmere throw from Cavalier.

10. Prints charming, courtesy of Mia Christopher (you may have to scour eBay for her exclusive Anthropologie collection).

Photo: Aubrie Pick for DailyCandy