Ten & Co. Oxfords Launch

Shoes that will sweep you off your feet

ten & co!

They say you don’t know a person till you’ve walked in her shoes.

To get you better acquainted with Tory Noll, designer of Ten & Co. oxfords, we’ve broken it down into five easy steps.

Step 1: Take a vacation to Morocco. Stumble into a cobbler’s shop in a Marrakech souk; commission a pair of oxfords made from antique kilim rugs on a whim.

Step 2: Show off your brightly patterned new kicks. Accept compliments. Get genius idea; book return trip to Morocco.

Step 3: Scour rug auctions, flea markets, and souks in the Atlas mountains for woven rugs, vintage cotton and wool blankets, leathers, and suedes.

Step 4: Have same cobbler create small batches of lace-ups by pairing wide orange and pink stripes with black patent leather uppers and black, red, and white diamonds with smoky suede. Tan and white blankets and rainbow-striped rugs look smart lined with rose gold grommets.

Step 5: Watch besotted; get to stepping.

Or you could just buy a pair. You decide.

Available at ten-and-co.com, $200-$250.

Photo: Adam Hribar / Courtesy of Ten & Co.