Scout Society: Michael Chernow and Daniel Holzman

The Meatball Shop founders dish personal pics

Meet DailyCandy Scout Society members Michael Chernow and Daniel Holzman.

How do you pay the rent?
Slinging meatballs.

How else do you fill your days?
Michael: I’m an avid runner, Muay Thai kickboxer, and motorcycle lover. [Pictured: “The Baby,” 11]. I hang with my wife, Donna [6], and dog, Riley, most of the time when I’m not at the restaurants.
Daniel: Training (Jiu Jitsu), riding the bike, and learning to play the trombone.

Who are you following these days and why?
Michael: @vice because they are not afraid to express how they feel. They are one of the most creative gorilla journalist teams I’ve ever witnessed. [7] @bretmichaels for respecting the grind [12], and @chefholzman just because…
Daniel: @snoopdogg on Twitter, cuz he’s Snoop. And Kinfolk [magazine] because I like what they do. [4, 5]

Let’s get scouting. A self-portrait?
Daniel: I am receiving my purple belt from Renzo Gracie at his academy on 30th Street [in NYC]. [1]

Your pet?
Daniel: Not really my pet, but how often do you walk out of a bar in the LES and see a full-blown jungle cat hanging by the garbage? I watched as many drunk people tried to take her home. [10]

What’d you do last weekend?
We took a trip out to San Francisco to cook dinner at a pal’s restaurant, Hopscotch, in Oakland. [3]

The one photo that you refuse to delete from your phone?
Daniel: Here I am standing outside of Stanton Street before we opened. We still have the old restaurant’s awning up and the paper in the windows. [2]

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