Take Note of Twigg's Bindery

Brooklyn's newest trick in the book

twigg's bindery!

Channing Tatum, puppies, and Pinterest taught us that sometimes it’s okay to judge a book by its cover.

The same goes for Twigg’s Bindery handmade notebooks.

Founded by Jonna Twigg, the Brooklyn-based operation began as a custom order-only business for fellow artists and local galleries. She now creates ready-made tomes for anyone in need of a place to write, journal, or draw.

Choose from traditional hardbacks with gray covers and colored spines or Twigg’s OG, a brick-like leather cardinal folio with flap closure. Five-by-five square codex books in a rainbow of brights (chartreuse, cyan, magenta) add playfulness to your shelf, while heavy, leather-bound volumes read serious with a smile.

Each long-stitch album and notebook is finished with imported Italian and German cloth or buttery leather, strong linen thread, and ecofriendly adhesive that won’t discolor over time. Inside, torn-edge acid-free paper comes lined or completely blank, so you can fill it with whatever love poems, cartoon doodles, and embarrassing secrets you see fit.

We won’t judge.

Available at twiggsbindery.com, $25-$125.

Photo: Courtesy of Twigg’s Bindery