These Tees Go to Eleven

Yporqué T-shirts turn it up


We’ve seen a lot of cool T-shirts in our day: those that glow in sunlight, others with hometown pride. But we’ve never found tees that really rock — until now.

Barcelona-based kids’ line Yporqué puts the lowly cotton shirt on the main stage.

Long-sleeve tees in gray, black, and pink are adorned with guitars, drums, and motorcycles. A sound box in a black cotton bag hangs at the hip of each. Press the box and a guitar riff plays, drums bang, or an engine revs.

Our little lady went all-out Joan Jett for her star guitar top.

Thankfully, the sound patches are removable for spins through the washing machine and her regular daytime gig — preschool.

Available at little-circus.com, $48.

Photo: Courtesy of Little Circus