Moonish Wooden Tiles

Lookin' fly on the wall


Hey there, blank walls,

Your boss here. First off, great work holding up the ceiling — couldn’t do it without you. That said, we need to address a serious issue: your nakedness.

We’d feel much more comfortable if you’d replace the constant mooning with Moonish wooden tiles from Giovanna and Matt Taylor (HR and the sofa agree).

Dyed in Brooklyn on marine-grade plywood, the Capri- and retro print-inspired squares are a decorative step up from pictures and posters but lack the formality of their porcelain cousins (in the best way).

We’re drawn to faded blue and white diagonal chains, negative and positive print apples, triangles (blue, yellow, white; tan, orange, periwinkle), and flowers; you’ll be attracted to their magnetic backing (great for rearranging the macro pattern, convenient for renters).

It’s something of a side project for the Taylors (Matt works in the music industry), so expect to wait two to four weeks for your order.

We’re happy to bare with you until then.

Available at moonishco.com, $30-$60 per square foot.

Photos: Courtesy of Moonish