Bklyn Beast Opens

A new kind of bounce house

bklyn beast!

Skills we’ve learned living in NYC: doggie poo side step. Advanced people dodging. How to ignore clanking pipes.

Our newest talent: urban acrobatics, developed at Bklyn Beast, a just-opened Williamsburg gym devoted to parkour, capoeira, and break dancing.

Founded by experts/longtime teachers Shem Rajoon, Luciano Acuna Jr., and Masi James, the graffiti-tagged space is equipped with a gymnastics-style mat, foam pit, dance floor, trampoline, and obstacles aplenty.

Even if you’re in shape, enroll in the beginner class. Sessions start with a warm-up/stretch and series of across-the-floor drills (crab walks, ab scoots) followed by a precision jump and safety roll intro. Then it’s on to vaults (i.e., ways to propel yourself over walls). Once you get over the biggest hurdle (your fear), it’s not so bad. Just be sure to pick up your knees and ask for a spot.

The takeaway: We’re delightfully sore, and because we moved our body in ways we never do, our brain got a solid workout as well. We’re not mad.

But our skills are.

Bklyn Beast, 230 Bogart Street, at Ten Eyck Street, Williamsburg (347-457-6290 or bklynbeast.com).

Photo: Courtesy of Bklyn Beast 

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230 Bogart St
@ Ten Eyck St
Brooklyn, NY 11206