Take a Swing at a Jing Yu Custom Piñata

A guaranteed way to get hit on

jing yu's custom piñata!

Heads up, party people: Local artist Jing Yu creates piñatas inspired by real people.

You can take the scenario one of two directions.

One: Smash and destroy a fake version of someone you have not-so-fond feelings for. Seems borderline, but, hey, the world is full of sh*theads.

Two: Commission a portrait in piñata form. The ego trip doesn’t stop there — your papier-mâché doppelganger will be full of you-themed prizes. Yu stuffed her own birthday party centerpiece with photo buttons and socks; recently, she filled a Katy Perry bust with lipgloss, candy stickers, and Hello Kitty nail decals.

Send Yu photos and a list of desired innards (don’t leave it empty — too existential), give her a few weeks to construct (she’s currently busy earning an MFA at Rutgers), and be sure to look your best at the unveiling.

’Cause everyone’s gonna want to hit that.

Available by email order (jing@bunnycorpse.org), $250 and up. For more information, go to bunnycorpse.org.

Photo: Courtesy of Jing Yu